Security Appliences

You can get a complete CCTV system with IPCAMERAS , CCTV cameras, digital recorder (DVR), cabling and installation, customised to meet your security and surveillance requirements. Call us on +91 923690 8466 BanksThe network cameras are the excellent ecurity solutions for Transportation,Education,Government & Public Venues as these are efficient to keep an eye on entrance, cash counters and ATMs 24x7 for the safety & security. These cameras contain all required functions that comprises of storing of images or relaying alarm signals from the security point of view. Besides this, the central site can be used for managing multiple cameras efficiently at every bank location and recorded images can be archived locally. These are adequate to provide storage of images for viewing later.

GSM Remote CCTV Camera

Product Introduction:
  • See your monitoring place anywhere, anytime by your mobile phone.
  • Wire tapping your monitoring place by your mobile.
  • Know the urgent things in first time by your mobile.
  • Wireless installation, free move anywhere.
  • GSM Remote Camera is one of the simple image capture device; make use of GSM network and wireless alarm Technology. You can control the camera with your mobile to get the monitoring place image by MMS anywhere, It successfully combine moving detect Technology and GSM wireless network transmission Technology apply in defense and security area, it break the distance and electrical wire restriction compare with normal defense &security products. Any changes or dangerous in the monitoring place, camera will notify you by calling, SMS, or MMS etc. It also can dial the pre-set emergency number once the sensor active. GSM Remote camera will be the leading security product in the future.
  • GSM Remote Camera has cute appearance, practical functions, and bright design. It can widely apply in family, office, factory, store etc place, especially for garage, stock house etc place where fixed lines are hard to reach. With the Monitor, you can see your home any time, know your child arrive home in first time; know your office is safe during holiday.

* Advanced Functions :
  • Mobile Alarm: Capture images and Send to your mobile phone by MMS.
  • SMS Remote Control: Control the camera by sending SMS commands.
  • Real Time audio: Call the camera and listen in.
  • Motion Detection: Detect any motion within the monitoring area and send alarm.
  • External Connection: Connect wireless sensors (Max. 15), such as door magnet, pir sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor etc. The camera can report alarm from all sensors connected.
  • Infrared Light: The build-in IR light enables the camera to capture images in dark environment. Resolution: 300.00 pixel CMOS camera.
  • Watch images directly on your mobile phone: The camera sends MMS images to your mobile phone for you to watch anywhere, anytime.
  • Receive images by email: The camera can send MMS images to any preset email.
  • Multi Alarm: Camera can send alarm both by SMS, MMS, email and by standard phone-call once motion is detected.
  • Monitoring Methods: Choose between manually or scheduled monitoring.
  • Remote Control: Include 2 remote controls for manual operation on/off and panic button.
  • Backup lithium battery: Rechargeable battery ensuring operation in case of external power failure
  • Download user manual: Manual can be downloaded anytime using SMS command.
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