Embedded With AI & MATLAB :-

Embedded With AI & MATLAB An embedded system is some combination of computer hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable, that is specifically designed for a particular function. Industrial machines, automobiles, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, airplanes, vending machines and toys (as well as the more obvious cellular phone and PDA) are among the myriad possible hosts of an embedded system. Embedded systems that are programmable are provided with programming interfaces, and embedded systems programming is a specialized occupation.
we provide industry based project trainings in embedded Technology using robotics and artificial intelligence.courseware of the training varied Project to project. Basic training of embedded systems ,robotics and AI is covered in all the projects.

Course contents* for embedded Technology :

  1. Introduction of embedded Systems
  2. Embedded communication
  3. Basics of Micros and coding
  4. Device driver
  5. ARM &TDMI
  6. Introduction to Operation systems
  7. Real Time operation systems
  8. Introduction to Microcontrollers
  9. Working with microcontroller
  10. Intro of VX works 
  11. ARM, 8051 Architectures
  12. Java embedded interfacing
  13. Description of Energy states with relevant cycles
  14. Integrated Interfacing INLINE
  15. Fundamental software design and C programming for embedded systems
  16. Embedded design methodology: UML based
  17. Hardware-software operational design
  18. TCP/IP stack embedded systems
  19. Telecom appliances including wireless devices, sensors
  20. Multimedia coding techniques like MPEG-4/MPEG-7 and their usage in embedded systems
  21. Embedded Control and applications
*Contents will be customised depending on the project chosen
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