Google Android

(1) Introduction
Intro to open source. What is open source?
License Issues (MPL, GPL, LGPL, etc.)
Contrasting and comparing open source vs. traditional development methodologies

(2) Mobile Application Development Overview
Mobile Devices Profiles
Mobile Software
Options for development

(3) Targeting Android The Big Picture
Introducing Android
Stacking up Android
Booting Android Development an Android application

(4) Development Environment
The Android SDK
Building an Android application in Eclipse
The Android Emulator

(5) User interfaces
Activity LifeCycle
Creating the Activity
An Overview of User interfaces Using XML Layouts
Selection Widgets
Date and Time Tabs
Using Menus
Using Fonts
The WebView and the WebKit Browser
Dialog Boxes: AlertDialog & Toast
Using resources

(6) Intents and services
Working with Intent classes
Listening in with broadcast receivers
Building a Service
Performing InterProcess

(7) Storing and retrieving data.
Using preferences
Using the filesystem
Persisting data to a database
Working with ContentProvider classes

(8) Networking and Web services
An overview of networking
Checking the network status
Communication with server socket
Working with HTTP
Web Services

(9) Telephony
Telephony background and terms
Accessing telephony information
Interaction with the phone
Working with messaging SMS
(10) Graphics and Animation
Drawing graphics in Android

(11) Multimedia
Introduction to multimedia
Playing audio
Playing video and Capturing media

(12) Location Services
Simulating your location within the emulator
Using LocationManager and LocationProvider
Working with maps
Converting places and addresses with Geo Coder

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